About cattery

   «I want a kitten …» - this request is familiar almost to each family. Time comes and our children suddenly would like to have beside a small fluffy lump which would become not only a subject of their love, but also the satellite of their games. We shall not tell about necessity for our urbanistic, computer century to accustom children to the responsibility, care and compassion to the alive world by means of kittens. I shall tell only one: there has come time «H» and our daughter complains «I want a kitten …». First I struggled with her one, but my reasons that at us is not enough a place, it is a lot of indoor plants and excellent repair our flat is made have not worked. Then to the aid the husband has come. As the born diplomat, he did not begin to refuse to the child, and the kitten has only laid down counter conditions, that
- Should not smell and mark.

- Should be accustomed to a tray and toclutches-sharpener, not tear wall-papers and furniture.
- Should be clever, play and bring a ball.
- Should execute commands; be able to walk on breast band as a dog.
- Should be able to catch not only mice, but it is obligatory rats.
- Should go on hunting, catch snakes, hares and other fine living creatures.
- Should go on fishing.
- Should like to go in the car, to travel with us to holiday…
   Further it was already possible to not continue, it was a question more quickly of a dog, than about purchase of a kitten. The hope thew … What there was our amazement when the teacher of the daughter has told about breed of cats to meeting all these requirements and not only!
   So at our place there was the first Kurilian bobtail in 2007!!! Red and curious, obedient and playing «linx+cat+dog». Hehas named Yantar (russian transcription amber). In born 5 months he has gone with us on the first winter fishing. He travelled to 9 months with us by the car to the Black sea where has accepted the first fight with the sheep-dog. In 1,5 years hewent with us in St.-Petersburg, where after divorce of bridges with 12 till 4 mornings walked with us on breast band under all Nevsky Avenue. For these years Yantar has travelled with us so much cities and the countries (St.-Petersburg, V. Volochek, Udomlia, Djubga, Nizhni Novgorod, Ivanovo, Belarus-Minsk, Ukraine-Kiev, etc.) and never was to us a handicap in holiday or on rest.
   Yantar has passed not only greater vital school, but also has made brilliant exhibition career: in the 2,5 years he has reached the top step of a recognition-became the World Champion, in his coin box of a victory over monorings and Bests exhibitions. But shinecups, prizes and magnificent sockets have not spoiled his character, in due course he became only more tenderly and more faithfully.
   A Kurilian bobtail doesnot happen much! You will hear this expression at any owner of these remarkable animals… And in 2009 we have got the bride to the cat. Beauty Cessaria Chrysanthemum Siberia has subdued not only heart of Yantar, but also our hearts. By this time Yantar knitted many cats of Kurilian bobtail breed from other catterys. On light there were magnificent kittens-Kurilian bobtails.
     There was a necessity of registration of the cattery. The name has come somehow by itself: "Zolotaya Seredina” (russian transcription golden mean). The nature has allocated Kuril native cats with an exotic kind and scent oflynces, a brawny body and the devoted character of a dog, tireless inquisitiveness and enviable health of a cat. All these qualities have incorporated in a golden mean - Kurilian bobtail. And if to this to add, that these animals are perfectly adapted for any climatic conditions, do not possess a smell, approach owners suffering by an allergy, are active partners in all our affairs and irreplaceable assistants on a kitchen garden you are convinced of unique GOLD compatibility of qualities Kurilian bobtails.

     Felinologist and the owner of cattery "Zolotaya Seredina" Vasileva Elena.